Who we are

Growing up in a community with neighbors from different states in India, I had the opportunity to enjoy delicious food and experience the diverse cultures of India firsthand. It was a very enriching experience as I learned about different customs, traditions, and ways of life. My diverse and multicultural upbringing allowed me to try a wide range of foods from different parts of the country and also participate in the celebration of many festivals. People in my neighborhood enjoyed coming together to celebrate food, festivals, and traditions.

I have fond memories of delicacies from different regions of India that I enjoyed during my childhood. After moving to the US, I tried many local Indian grocery stores and brands, but I was disappointed that I could not find the same taste from my childhood. Soon, I realized that many people around me also wanted to enjoy authentic regional food products, but didn't know where to find them.

The unavailability of authentic regional products from India inspired me to seek out long-standing, reliable vendors who specialize in creating genuine, local food products and honoring the incredible culinary festivals that India is known for. That's when I came up with the idea for The Spice Variety LLC. Our mission is to provide our customers with an authentic taste of India by partnering with vendors who have a long-standing reputation for quality and authenticity.

At The Spice Variety, our initial focus is to offer a selected few food products from one region, but our ultimate aim is to broaden our selection to include a diverse range of products from all regions of India.